By Invitation Only: Revealing the Landscape

Hello all and happy Tuesday!

We hope your week is going well! This week we have been busying ourselves with show preparation and setup! As well as our work in the gallery, we have been working on updating our social media (Facebook, twitter, and our main website). We recommend that you check them out! 

Want to know what we’ve got coming to the walls of our galleries? Well, we are here to keep you up to date. Beginning on August 10th, we will welcome three new and beautiful shows! 

Our shows include:

 By Invitation Only: Revealing the Landscape

*This show will include and opening reception Sunday, August 10th from 2-4:30. Visitors will be able to meet with the artists and hear them speak about their own work in a new audio tour. 

Every summer Saint Mary’s College Museum of Art presents its annual summer landscape exhibition. This year’s exhibition, marks the 24th summer that the tradition continues. 

On view will be more than 80 works of art, including painting, drawing, photography and sculpture, by 29 artists. These artists paint in plein-air in the natural landscape, sketch in urban locations, sculpt in studios and photograph on mountaintops and in their neighborhoods, each finding fresh new visions of the environment in which they live and work. 

The Native American Collection of Roger Epperson

In 2012, Saint Mary’s College Museum of Art displayed part of Roger Epperson’s collection in an exhibition entitled, The Nature of Collecting: The Early 20th Century Fine Art Collection of Roger Epperson. This upcoming exhibition presents additional works from Epperson’s collection not yet exhibited. On view will be over 30 works including photography, etching, drawing, and painting by esteemed artists. 

The Collector’s Eye: Early California Landscapes and Still Lifes

This exhibit centers around collectors of art. Each of them has a story to tell—what drew them to collecting, why they focused on a particular themes, artist, or period of time, and how they came to acquire specific pieces. Personal reasonings aside, these collectors all share a common interest—early California landscapes and still lifes. Fortunately, the three collectors featured in this exhibition are willing to share some of their treasures with us—some of which have never before been exhibited. 

If you would like to read more information on the shows as well as the artists and collectors, visit our main site at

We look forward to seeing you in the gallery! 

Michael Collopy: Face to Face with Movers and Shakers

Time is running out to see photographer Michael Collopy’s amazing works! An 82’ SMC graduate, Collopy has quite an inspiring and comprehensive portfolio of portraits. Of his many accomplishments, he formed the Architects of Peace Foundation in 2008 to emphasize and support peace education. He has also photographed over 75 world peacemakers in his Architects of Peace, and through his Works of Love are Works of Peace, chronicles his 15-year friendship with Mother Teresa.

Perhaps what will leave you most awe-struck at his exhibition here at SMCMoA, is the variety of individuals he has captured of all walks of life and of different reputations. In addition to a few of his peacemakers (including Mother Teresa), you will also see a few athletes (Michael Phelps), musicians (Bono) and one or two brought to the limelight by our media culture (Kim Kardashian). There are many more to see in this great variety of Michael Collopy works so be sure to stop by before they’re gone!

"Michael Collopy: Face to Face with Movers and Shakers" will close on July 20th. Admission is $5 and the museum hours are Wed-Sun, 11:00-4:30. 

Dale Chihuly: Venetians

If you haven’t come by already, check out the blown glass show we have here at the Museum! It’s an absolutely astounding show that has attracted visitors from across the country to come and see it. From vases large enough to fit a small child to delicate figures no bigger than a fist, this show truly exemplifies the ways to distort and create beauty and a little bit of danger from glass. Chihuly is an artist who has been renowned for his work and this show is no exception. His dragons and Italian putti are so intricate and so lifelike it makes one wonder: how does Chihuly breathe life into this glass? Don’t worry, we have a video that will explain it all!

Museum hours are Wed-Sun, 11:00-4:30. Admission in $5, but free for students, alumni, members, and military veterans!

From Swords to Plowshares

Come on by the Saint Mary’s College Museum of Art! Our latest exhibits include WWI trench art, Songs of the Patriot which is a compilation of original music covers from WWI, and the Heritage Edition of the Saint John’s Bible from St. John’s Abbey.  These installations show our world’s deep history through an innovative lens whether its through artillery shells made into lamps, or hand-painted scenes from the Bible on vellum.  WWI art is on display until April 13th and our illuminated bible is here until April 6th!

Come on by the museum Wednesday- Sunday from 11:00- 4:30.

P.S. We also have a bunch of new merchandise in our store at great prices! Great for gift giving, as well as a little treat for yourself.

The Artist Revealed: Artist Portraits and Self-Portariats

In our current exhibit, The Artist Revealed: Artist Portraits and Self-Portariats, there is a multitude of artist depictions. From cartoons to photographs to still lifes, the many portraits all depict the artists in a different way. For example, Aaron Bohrad’s Red Cabbage depicts an extremely detailed still life full of vibrant cabbage and beets; the artist is only seen in the tiny reflection emanating from a translucent vase. Similarly, Dieter Roth’s Picture of a Self Portrait captures the silhouette of the artist using a compilation of textures such as acrylic paint, glue, and even paint tubes.Both vividly colorful pieces capture the meaning of a self-portrait in untraditional ways. Come visit the museum and see these and many other portraits! But hurry, the exhibit closes on December 15!

Judy Dater: Artist Biography and Upcoming Exhibit

We are excitedly at work on our upcoming exhibition Judy Dater: Edo Redux, whichwill be showcasing the artist’s immense flare for portraiture, focusing on her travel in Japan. Originally attending art school for drawing, Dater found photography her senior year of college and fell in love with the medium. Dater is celebrated for her exploration of just how far one can push beyond the societal norm. Her focus on the female nude transformed the taboo image into an expression of liberation from the accepted ideals of women and beauty. The exhibition will run from October 20th to December 15th.